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“Stop Zombie Mouth” This Halloween -- September 25, 2012

What if you could get your kids to love taking care of their teeth as much as they love playing video games??  Well, the American Dental Association (ADA) hopes one of today’s most popular games “Plants vs. Zombies” will convince kids to brush and floss more so they don’t end up with a "Zombie Mouth."

More than 120 million people worldwide are playing “Plants vs. Zombies” on their computers, smartphones and portable game players.  The popularity of that game has ADA teaming up with PopCap Games, the maker of this family-friendly hit video game, in a campaign to “Stop Zombie Mouth”. 

As a result, those “fundead” characters are about to invade Optima Dental Group and hundreds of other ADA practices across the country.  To appease those evil foes, we’ll be giving away packs of “Plants vs. Zombies” trading cards.  Each pack will have tips on how to keep teeth healthy and a redemption code for a free game download.

Slow down the candy rush so many kids get Halloween night.  Help us "Stop Zombie Mouth" by scheduling an appointment for your child today.  Call our office at 636-583-2612.

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