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"A Kiss Will Make It Better" -- August 7, 2017

When you were little and got a cut or scratch, did your mother ever tell you she'd kiss it and make it better?  Turns out, she was probably right.

New research performed in Chile looked into why wounds in the mouth heal faster and more efficiently than other wounds like cuts to your skin.  Turns out, there's a molecule in human saliva that actually can speed up healing.  Its official name is salivary peptide histatin-1.  That molecule was found to aid in blood vessel formation, which is critical to the efficiency of wound healing.

Now the door is wide open for researchers to develop new medicines and implants that will speed up wound healing.  According to one of the lead researchers Vicente A. Torres, Ph.D., "We believe that the study could help the design of better approaches to improve wound healing in tissues other than the mouth."  The advance in the therapeutic approach was an exciting development for the researchers who also commented that the results bring to mind the possible meaning of animals, and often children "licking their wounds."

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