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Our team of qualified professionals is dedicated to providing optimal dental care to all ages, with special emphasis on periodontal, restorative, aesthetic, prosthetic and implant dentistry.  We creatively combine the art and science of dentistry in a way that allows patients to keep their teeth a lifetime and achieve the smile of their dreams.  We utilize many techniques and materials available in dentistry including, but not limited to, bleaching, bonding, white non-metallic filling materials, and all ceramic veneers and crowns, and dental implants. Through the use of these materials and techniques, we are able to assist patients in making choices that are appropriate for their individual circumstances in a customized fashion.  

Too often, dentists see the dental work that needs to be done and do not pay enough attention to the person in front of them, their needs, their goals and their budgets of time and money.  Why is it that people who go to the dentist regularly still end up losing teeth, suffering from gum disease or battling decay?

The problem is that most of dentistry operates via a disease/repair model of care.  You have a problem and the dentist fixes it.  Health may be on the practice letterhead, but it is not in the philosophy of care.  At Optima Dental Group we approach things a little differently -- we include you in the conversation and the planning of your care.  We address short-term concerns while building a foundation of health that can last a lifetime.  Stop wasting money on treatments such as crowns and bridges if your gum health is not stable or you are battling decay.  If you want to get off the hamster wheel of traditional dentistry then you are in the right place.  

Involvement in organizations such as the St. Louis Institute for Integrative Medicine and the American Academy for Craniofacial Pain allows us to care for even the most challenging medical and dental conditions.

If you want to start on a path toward a healthier you, keep your teeth for the rest of your life or make it look like you did -- We CAN help.

124 West Main St.
Union, MO 63084
Phone:  636-583-2612

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