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Tooth Fairy Magic -- There's An App For That!-July 6, 2011

Most all of us remember our childhood days when we lost a tooth, put it under our pillow and drifted off to sleep wondering what prize the Tooth Fairy would leave in return.  Would it be a toy?  Or maybe some money?

The Tooth Fairy tradition has been handed down through countless generations.  But that childhood tradition is making a 21st century transition. 

A new iPhone/iPad app is giving kids a glimpse into the mystical world of the Tooth Fairy.  With exciting animation, sound effects and narration by the Tooth Fairy herself, this app makes losing a tooth even more thrilling.  It also includes a scanner and a beacon.  Now all kids have to do is scan their lost tooth and that alerts the Tooth Fairy.  Then they just place their tooth next to their parent's iPhone or iPad so she can find it.  The Tooth Fairy takes the tooth and leaves the prize. 

The Tooth Fairy Beacon app is personalized and gender specific.  It includes a note from the Tooth Fairy encouraging children to keep their teeth clean by flossing and brushing every day.  This app promotes good oral hygiene, but it also supports a great cause.  Every download of the Tooth Fairy Beacon app triggers a donation to the National Children's Oral Health Foundation.

The NCOHF is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating pediatric dental disease.  More than 4 million children every day suffer dental pain so severe they have trouble eating, sleeping and learning.  Donations to the NCOHF help provide ongoing preventative, restorative and educational oral health care to at-risk children.

The Tooth Fairy Beacon app is available on iTunes for $1.99.






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