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Newest Fashion Trend -- Tattoos For Your Teeth! --August 15, 2011

Here's something you don't see everyday, but before long, you just might.  Tattoos for teeth!  It's the latest "fashion" trend from Japan that's already making its way to the United States.

A quick Google search shows companies in the U.S. already selling temporary tattoos on line for about $15.  Others are offering highly-detailed tattoos of well-known personalities, animals, logos, you name it.  Those can run hundreds of dollars. They've been called "a white collar tattoo."

Basically, if you need a crown, your dentist can send it to a tooth tattoo artist who'll come up with the design to fit your new tooth.  Then technicians at a dental lab will carve the design and permanently bake it into your crown for you.  They'll ship it back to your dentist who'll put it on.

But, if at some point, you get tired of having Abrahan Lincoln or David Letterman on your tooth, your dentist can grind it out.   The temporary ones wear off in a few months.  The companies selling them say there's no danger to your teeth.  And that's probably true.

But let's think about this.  Would you really want a tattoo on your tooth?  Granted, most times they're done on molars and no one sees them unless you want to show them off.  

There are exceptions though, like gems afixxed to front teeth.  I meet people every week willing to spend a great deal of time and money to make their teeth white.  So I don't understand why anyone would want to make them look dirty and dingy. 

To each his own, I guess.


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