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Banking on Dental Stem Cells to Grow New Teeth -June 23, 2011

We have all seen the stem cell debate fought in the media for years.  Now in India, the developing teeth of children and developing wisdom teeth in young adults are able to be “banked” for use by individuals in the future to help cure diseases or grow new body parts.  Although the technology is years away, there is much promise in the research.  Someday we may be able to grow you a new tooth to replace one lost to decay or place new gums due to gingivitis or periodontal disease.  Until then, our best defense is a good offense.  Prevention and early intervention are the keys to keeping your teeth looking great and helping you eat without pain.

Your lifestyle and the goals for your health are the greatest determinants for you to keep your teeth a lifetime.  The factors causing dental disease are well known and easily prevented.  Left untreated though, a little bit of plaque, food mixed with bacteria, will produce acids that cause your gums to bleed.  The result could be gingivitis or cavities -- that's when the plaque eats holes in your teeth.  Left untreated, cavities can result in infections, abcesses and increase a person's risk of heart disease, ulcers and diabetes.

What are you doing or not doing that can be contributing to keeping your teeth looking great and having a great quality of life into your 90’s?  



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