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4/18/17: Benefits to Eating Dark Chocolate

12/3/16:  New Research:  Pregnant Women Should Go to the Dentist

11/21/16:  We're the Official Dentist of the St. Louis Ambush  

11/9/16:  Soda Taxes Approved

11/7/16:  Sugary Drink Tax Could Leave Some Voters Sour

10/28/16:  Tricks for Dealing With Halloween Treats

10/24/16:  Fear of the Dentist May Be Inherited

7/20/16:  Prevent Cavities for $54 a Year

7/11/16: There May Be Health Benefits to Nail Biting and Thumb Sucking

5/24/16: Memorial Day Means Summer Fun and Pool Parties

5/9/16:FDA Takes Aim At E-cigarettes While Poisonings Skyrocket

4/22/16: Autism Controversy Continues As Cases Rise

4/15: The Zika Virus Is Spreading, But You Can Stop It Naturally

2/22/16: Tooth Tips for Toddlers

2/18/16:  Orthodontist and Dentist Top List of Best Jobs

2/10/16:  Do You Know Which Toothbrush Is Best For You?

2/2/16:  Seven Foods That Secretly Stain Your Teeth

1/12/16:  Fight Bad Breath -- Naturally

1/7/16:  We All Need It, But It Can Be Scarce In Winter

1/5/16:  Wisdom Teeth Can Correct Blindness

12/22/15:  So Why Are They Called Wisdom Teeth?

12/17/15: Meal Servings & Obesity Rates Rising

10/5/15:  Tooth Tunes Keep Kids Brushing Longer

9/20/15:  Are you a smoker?  Here's yet another reason to quit

9/10/15:  Would You Rather Scrub a Toilet Or Brush Your Teeth?

8/10/15:  Gum Disease -- By the Numbers

5/11/15:  How Harmful is Kids' Teeth Grinding?

2/9/15: 7 Mistakes Parents Make With Their Kids' Teeth

1/22/15:  "Dental Vacations" Increasing

1/15/15:  Make a Lasting Impression Regardless of Age

12/23/14:  Have your kids been naughty or nice to their teeth?

11/19/14:  Have a "White" Christmas This Year

10/13/14: Seven Worst Foods for Teeth

9/22/14:  Man in "American Gothic" painting was a dentist

9/17/14:  Dirty Toothbrushes:  You Might Surprised By the Germs Lurking In Yours

9/9/14:  Family Troubles Ties to Poorer Dental Health

8/13/14: Acidic Drinks Can Cause Permanent Tooth Damage

8/5/14:  Hidden Dangers in New Social Trend

7/10/14:  Poor Oral Health Linked to Frightening Disease

3/10/14:  Young Children's Tooth Decay Reaches "Epidenic"

2/9/14:  Many With Insurance Don't Even Use It

2/3/14:  Poor Oral Health Could Affect Olympians' Performance

1/14/14:  Chewing Gum May Cause Headaches In Kids

9/18/13:  "Beauty Sleep" Really Works 

8/29/13: New Recommendations For Pregnant Women

8/8/13:  Got Milk? Drink Up to Prevent Cavities From Cereal

6/4/13:  Soda & Meth Have Similar Effect on Tooth Enamel

5/14/13:  Causes and Cures of Bad Breath

4/22/13: Bad Habits That Can Wreck Your Teeth

2/25/13: 7 Tips for Kids' Oral Health

2/5/13:  Have a HEART For the Needy This Valentine's Day

11/21/12:  Tired? Didn't Get Enough Sleep? You Could Have OSA

11/13/12:  Take A New Approach to Healthy Living

11/5/12:  New ADA Website Gives Tips For Healthy Teeth

10/30/12:  A Sweet Tooth Will Sour Your Diet

10/15/12: Chewing An Apple Can Determine Your Future Mentality    

10/1/12: New Study Shows Dentistry Was An Ancient Occupation

9/25/12: "Stop Zombie Mouth" This Halloween

5/31/12: Studies Link Sleep Apnea to Cancer

5/16/12:  Italiano in Union!

12/29/11:  Resolving to get healthy?  Start with your mouth.

11/22/11: Filling Without Drilling

11/15/11:  Dental Schools Are Going High Tech

11/8/11:  5 Biggest Flossing Mistakes

10/13/11:  Chew Gum -- Fight Cavities

10/10/11:  Gum Disease Can Affect Fertility

9/27/11:  Cavities Really Are Contagious

9/12/11:  Sink Your Teeth Into More Eggs For a Healthy Smile

9/7/11:  Foods That Will Freshen Your Breath

8/23/11:  St. Louis Is Nation's "Cavity Capital"

8/15/11:  Newest Fashion Trend -- Tattoos For Your Teeth!

8/11/11:  Are You Turning Into a Dental Phobic?

8/4/11:  Diagnosing and Treating Dry Mouth

7/29/11:  No Link Found Between Fluoride and Rare Bone Cancer

7/25/11:  Sports Drinks -- Great for Energy, Bad for Enamel

7/19/11:  Smiles for Life -- A Great Success

7/13/11:  The Right Foods Keep Your Smile Bright

7/6/11:  Tooth Fairy Magic -- There's An App For That!

6/30/11:  Erectile Dysfunction linked to Gum Disease

6/28/11:  Can Your Diet Lead to Gum Disease?

6/23/11:  Banking on Dental Stem Cells to Grow New Teeth

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