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Our Spirit of Caring

At Optima Dental Group we feel you have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.  We are concerned first and foremost with your health goals and helping you achieve them.  It is our intent to help you end the cycle of disease and repair that has plagued past generations and continues to be an obstacle even in today's world of modern medicine.

We are keenly aware of the connections between disease and inflammation in the mouth and its effects on the rest of the body in the form of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, ulcers, pneumonia, pre-term pregnancies and low birth weights, just to name a few.

By offering you the best materials, highly-trained doctors and assistants, and the latest treatment protocols based on sound research, we can deliver the excellence you expect with the caring you deserve.


124 West Main St.
Union, MO 63084
Phone:  636-583-2612

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