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Optima Dental Group First to Offer Needle-less Anesthesia - 2/26/17

Most of us have been there -- walking out the dentist's office after having a cavity filled, and our mouth is still numb.  We can't feel our cheek or lips and we're having to keep from biting our tongue.  Not to mention our crooked smile and the fact that we're drooling!  Enough of that. 

Optima Dental Group now offers needle-less anesthesia that comes in a nasal spray.  We're the first dental office here to introduce Kovanaze™.  It's FDA approved for its safety and effectiveness.  It's the same type of spray like those you'd use to treat a cold or allergies.  All I have to do is spray it into the nasal cavity of the side I'm working on.  And within minutes, we're ready to start the procedure.  

Patients who've already used Kovanaze™ are calling it "amazing."  NO NEEDLES NECESSARY.  Just a simple spray and that's it.

St. Renatus, a company based in Ft. Collins, CO, invented Kovanaze™.  The product development through FDA approval took 11 years.  St. Renatus CEO Steve Merrick says the FDA’s three phases of clinical trials prove the safety and effectiveness of tetracaine and oxymetazoline, the active ingredients in Kovanaze™.  And he said it was 96% effective on numbing the upper mouth. The FDA trials concentrated on how safe and effective Kovanaze™is, rather than how long it lasted.  However, certain trials proved the nasal anesthetic can keep patients numb for up to 43 minutes.  Adults 18 and older can use Kovanaze™ and so can children who are 90 pounds or heavier.

If you'll be coming in to have a cavity filled, ask about Kovanaze™ at your next appointment.  Optima Dental Group has always wanted to work with you on your oral health care regimen.  And now we're giving you the choice for when you need to get numb -- the needle or nasal spray?



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