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Got Milk?  Drink Up to Prevent Cavities From Sugary Cereals - Aug. 8

“Drink your milk!” 

Since we were kids, we’ve heard about all the benefits of drinking milk.  The calcium is good for our bones and teeth.  And new research says it might also help prevent cavities.

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry say washing down sugary breakfast cereal with milk will reduce plaque acid levels and keep cavities from forming.

The new study examined 20 adults who ate just under a cup of dry Froot Loops cereal then drank different beverages -- whole milk, 100% apple juice or tap water.

Dry, read-to-eat, sugar-added cereals combine refined sugar and starch.  When someone eats the cereal, bacteria in the dental plaque on tooth surfaces produce acids.

Researchers say the milk was the only beverage able to reduce the acidity of the sugary cereal.   

While fruit juices are considered healthy food choices, the added sugar along with the sweet cereal can be a risk to dental health. 

Milk is considered to be a functional food that fights cavities because it promotes tooth remineralization and helps prevent the growth of plaque.


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