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Take A New Approach to Healthy Living -- November 13, 2012

Health care and much of dentistry is moving in the wrong direction.  Much of medicine is designed to help you once you have a problem.  Medical costs are out of control!  We have to begin taking responsibility for our health and look for compliments to traditional medicine.  Let’s look at dentistry…

Dental decay is the most widespread of all the degenerative diseases because it takes only about 25% inefficiency of body chemistry for it to be present.

Anthropologists in their study of past civilizations, primitive peoples, man today and his future, have pointed out that dental decay is a very serious matter indeed and that it is merely a symptom of more serious degeneration in the future.

Eskimos on their 'natural diet' are free from dental decay because their diet does not create a condition in body chemistry conducive to degenerative disease.

The key ingredients that cause degenerative disease are:  sugar, white flour, coffee, products that contain sugar, manufactured food, stress and environmental toxins.

There is a definite interrelated causal relationship between dental decay and other systemic conditions.  The mouth is an indicator of health because the presence of degenerative diseases can first be detected there.

The answer to the cause and prevention of dental disease is found in nutrition, endocrinology and lifestyle.

Disease does not affect one part of the body without affecting the whole.

Recent research has linked dental disease to diabetes, pneumonias, ulcers, stroke and cardiovascular disease to name a few.  Here’s the thing, 90% of all disease is related to lifestyle.  Some of us have genetic predispositions to many diseases but they often need a trigger to activate them. 

Part of what we do at Optima Dental Group is to help identify trends in your health and family medical and dental health.  Then we create a plan to help keep you healthy, minimize the amount of dentistry you need in your lifetime and keep your teeth pain free and smiling.  We really do “Add life to years!” 

Check back next week as we go deeper into lifestyle effects on the body and what you can do about it.





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