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Many With Dental Insurance Don't Even Use It -- February 9, 2014

Just because employers are providing dental insurance to their employees doesn't mean they're using it.   

A new study published online in the American Journal of Public Health suggests outreach and education programs are needed so people learn how important oral health is to their overall health and will actually use their insurance coverage to seek the dental care they need. 

This study is particularly valuable in this era of health care reform.  Researchers hope lawmakers will use these findings to design future initiatives for public education.  "You can't just hand people coverage and say, 'there, that's better,'" said Dr. Richard Manski, author of the study conducted at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry.  "You have to offer some inducements, some promotional campaign to change people's attitudes and beliefs."

The latest statistrics from the Centers for Disease Control show about 73% of Americans under 65 have some sort of dental coverage -- either provided by an employer or purchased directly. 

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