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Sink Your Teeth Into More Eggs For a Healthy Smile - Sept. 12, 2011

If you're looking for ways to improve the health of your teeth, head to the fridge and crack open some eggs.  They contain phosphorous.  And next to calcium, it's the most plentiful mineral in the body.  About 85% of the body's phosphorous is found in the bones and teeth.

But eggs help more than just your teeth.  They're an affordable source of high-quality protein that will boost your energy level and build muscle strength.

Even better, eggs can help you lose weight.  Researchers at St. Louis University put two groups of people on a breakfast plan with an identical amount of calories.  One group ate two eggs.  The other ate bagels.  After eight weeks, people eating the egg breakfasts lost 61% percent more weight than those eating bagels.

Healthier teeth, more energy, stronger muscles and increased weight loss -- it really is an incredible, edible egg!



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