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At Optima Dental Group, we LOVE kids!!!

Childhood fears of the dentist can turn into phobias as they grow into adulthood.  That's why we want to get children started on the right track in dentistry.  And we're proud to say the only trained pediatric dentist in Franklin County has chosen to join our staff.  Dr. James Burchett has a kind, gentle nature that immediately wins over kids -- and their parents.

Dr. Burchett also has a website that's a wonderful resource for moms and dads who have questions about their children's oral health.  And it's a great place for kids to play games to help make going to the dentist a little more fun.  Click here:  MyChildsDDS

Here are a few more websites that can help turn dentistry into fun and games:
Learning Games for Kids
From "Molar Madness" to word search games, this site helps kids learn about the importance of brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist.

Healthy Teeth
This website shows what causes cavities and features experiments and even a quiz.
The American Dental Association recently launched a new website that walks kids through a visit to the dentist.  One of the site's more popular games is "To Tell the Tooth."

124 West Main St.
Union, MO 63084
Phone:  636-583-2612

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