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Ease Dental Anxiety Before Your Appointment - Aug. 15

Essential oils are experiencing a huge awakening these days.  They're no longer consider some fringe, new age type of treatment, and with good reason.

Numerous clinical studies are validating the effectiveness of these oils in medicines and in dentistry. 

Several such studies have shown that the smell of orange essential oil prior to a dental appointment helps soothe stressed nerves and calm any anxiety associated with the appointment.  One study not only confirmed the anxiety reduction but it also showed the scent of orange essential oil puts patients in a better mood. 

If you know your dentist will be using the "needle," and that scares you, try the scent of lavender essential oils.  Studies show that will relieve some of the tension and will greatly reduce the pain intensity when the needle is inserted.

Try using orange or lavender essential oils, or both, before you see your dentist.  You might also drop some of the oils onto a tissue to hold near your face while you wait for your appointment.  Diffuse some in your car on the way, or put some onto your shirt collar or scarf to get the benefits before and during the appointment. 

If you have young children who are afraid of going to the dentist, this could be a great strategy for them.  Helping them establish a more positive association with the dental chair could help them realize that dentists aren't bad people.

The bottom line is many people don't go to the dentist regularly because of some negative experience in their past.  Breaking down that barrier could help people stop avoiding the dentist and start taking better care of their teeth.

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