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Chewing An Apple Can Determine Your Future Mentality - Oct 15

Here's another great reason to keep your teeth clean and healthy for a lifetime.  A new study shows if you can bite into an apple now, you're more likely to maintain your mental abilities later in life.

As the population ages, we become more likely to suffer deterioration of our cognitive functions, such as memory, decision-making and problem solving.  Now scientists in Sweden believe tooth loss could play a significant role in the worsening of those cognitive functions.

Researchers studied a random sample of 557 people aged 77 or older.  They found those who had difficulty chewing hard food such as apples had a significantly higher risk of developing dementia. One reason for this, they say, could be that having few or no teeth makes chewing difficult, and that can lead to a reduction in the blood flow to the brain.

Results of this study are published in the latest issue of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (JAGS).








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