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New Benefits of Drinking Coffee -- Sept 27, 2017


Friday, September 29, is National Coffee Day.  New research shows 67% of Americans say they drink at least one cup of coffee every day.  That's up 10% from last year, according to the National Coffee Association.   It attributes part of that increase to younger coffee drinkers, 13- to 18-year olds, who have developed an appetite for more gourmet varieties.

But there's also a new study that says that daily cup o joe can do more than perk you up.  A European research study shows the caffeine in coffee -- and tea -- can significantly cut the death risk for women with diabetes by more than 50%.  

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, more than 13 million women have diabetes, or about one in 10 women ages 20 or older. Diabetes is a disease in which blood sugar (glucose) levels in the body are too high and can cause serious health problems, including heart attack or stroke, blindness, problems with pregnancy and kidney failure. 

While caffeine may reduce the risk of premature death, this is a serious disease that needs to be treated by a physician.  Insulin is one treatment, but there are also many other prescription medications doctors can recommend.  People with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes can, and do, live long productive lives if they stick to the regimen prescribed by their doctors.  

Medical experts aren't sure what causes diabetes other than it can be inherited and obese people and smokers can be especially susceptible.  If you have questions about this disease and want to know your risk factors, click this link for the federal government's Office of Women's Health.

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