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How Do You Eat Your Chocolate Bunny? -- April 10, 2017

In less than a week, the beloved chocolate bunny will be appearing in Easter baskets everywhere...and then will be quickly disappearing.  And believe it or not, the way we consume that mass of chocolate goodness was the subject of a 5-year online research project.  And the results just came in:

Of the 28,113 people who responded to the poll, 59% of them say they eat the ears first.

33% said they had no preference for a starting point.

4% said they like to start by eating the tail or feet first.

Now, if you're wondering who spent five years on a study like this, it was Wiley Incorporated.  Wiley is headquartered in New York, and its core businesses are global research, professional development and global education.  Guess they wanted to put an end to the burning question of how many people eat the bunny's ears first.  Well, now we know.


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