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Acidic Drinks Can Cause Permanent Tooth Damage- 8/13/14

You probably already know sodas, fruit juices and sports drinks aren't good for teeth because they contain so much sugar.  But they also contain acid.  And a new study shows that acid can cause permanent damage to teeth.

Research at the University of Adelaide in Australia shows permanent damage to tooth enamel can happen within the first 30 seconds of exposure to drinks containing high acidity.  "If high acidity drinks are consumed, it is not simply a matter of having a child clean their teeth an hour or 30 minutes later and hope they're OK -- the damage is already done," said Dr. Sarbin Ranjitkar, one of the study's researchers.

Normally, Ranjitkar said, there's a balance between acids and protective mechanisms in a healthy mouth. But, "once that balance is shifted in favor of the acids, regardless of the type of acid, teeth become damaged," he explained. According to Ranjitkar, tooth erosion caused by acidic beverages is on the rise in children and young adults.  He says such erosion can lead to a lifetime of compromised dental health that may require extensive work -- but it also is preventable if you just avoid those drinks.


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