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Got dental anxiety? We'll tame your tension 2 ways:

*You can "Kill the Drill" at Optima Dental Group.  This revolutionary product was invented right here in our Union office and lets you, the patient, stop the drill. Learn more here.

*Optima Dental Group is the first dental office in our area to administer anesthesia WITHOUT A NEEDLE.  Click here to learn how your nose will know!


Improving Your Health and Your Smile

You're seeing the before and after images showing how Dr. Michael Edwards is successfully changing the looks and the lives of Optima Dental Group patients.
                 "I am so incredibly happy with my teeth. Thank you for
                 everything you have done!!  It's been a long journey for
                 me.  I admire your work every day!

                                                                   -- Elizabeth Orr, Patient

Dr. Edwards' treatment is based on the study of natural teeth that don't wear out as you age.  It's already helping thousands of people feel and sleep better. Because so many people are helped by this treatment, Dr. Edwards is frequently asked to share his expertise in presentations around the country.  Because he's in such demand, Dr. Edwards regularly invites Missouri dentists to a special presentation of his Fundamentals of Bioesthetics seminar so they too can experience the impact this treatment can have on their patients and practices.  Dates for future seminars are pending.

Dr. Edwards also is conducting workshops on his new book Through The Red Sea which will help dentists achieve success when they switch to private care dentistry that focuses on the health needs of patients instead of relying on insurance reimbursements.  Stay tuned for future dates for these workshops since one if late August and the one listed below for November filled very quickly.                                                  


Dr. Edwards' expertise in bioesthetics may help patients who suffer headaches, neck and shoulder pain, sleep apnea or sensitive teeth.  They could be experiencing a breakdown in their chewing systems and might benefit from a consultation with Dr. Edwards.  He's a specialist in diagnosing what's causing the chewing system breakdowns and then correcting them.  He customizes treatment for each patient and is giving them smiles that are healthy, functional, beautiful and long lasting.

If your teeth are flat, are wearing out or you have sensitive teeth, it's time to learn more about this expanding form of dentistry and how

it could benefit you.  Call 636-583-2612 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Edwards.

For the most up-to-date news about dental health and research, check out "Dr. Edwards' Blog."  Check back every week for the latest news you need to know.

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